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Los Angeles CA
Los Angeles Railway (LARy)
Los Angeles Transit Lines (LATL)
Key System Transit Lines (8001-8015)
Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (LAMTA)
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Brill 8005 is somewhere on West 3rd, probably at Wilton. A portion of the midblock private right-of-way (between Gramercy and Wilton) which ran between 3rd and 6th, was in the process of being paved so it could serve as a short turn for trolley coaches on line 3. A wye will be set up at the north end to turn PCCs which will be released off the abandoned 3 and newly assigned to the R. Hence the presence of the temporary crossover. We speculate the TC is on a training trip.
Bob McVay photo courtesy the Andy Goddard collection.  Caption help from John Pappas

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